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Register for these fun-filled, hands-on camps where students work in teams and individually!

Robotics grades 4-9

MaSTErMinds campers learn to design, build, program and test robots. Learning about the scientific method while working individually and in teams on various challenges.

Rockets & Machine Magic! grades K-9

(K-3 camps are half day)

MaSTErMinds campers will use the scientific method, solve problems and apply their knowledge of Newton's Laws to perform experiments utilizing principles such as force, gravity, velocity, thrust, pressure and more. 

The campers will design and build systems using simple machines, create a carrier for the egg drop experiment and build and launch bottle rockets.

Coming Soon...Sound FX grades 4-9     

MaSTErMinds campers will use the scientific method, and learn basic concepts of how electricity works and how sound travels. Students will learn to build circuits and build their own speaker to take home.

Typical Daily Camp Schedule

  8:45  Review


  9:00  Begin Daily Activity

10:00  Break

10:15  Continue Experimentation

11:30  Lunch


12:30  Review/Return to Experimentation


  1:45  Break

  2:00  Continue Experimentation


  3:30  Closing Activities/Daily Reflection


  4:00  Dismiss

Except for start and end times, other times are an approximation. 

half day: $150/week 
full day: $395/


Washington, DC  



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